本文摘要:Chinas equivalent of Twitter continues to make a loss, but investors seem happy enough with its latest results.微博(Weibo,中国的类Twitter微博客服务)之后袭港亏损,不过投资者或许对其近期财报结果非常失望。


Chinas equivalent of Twitter continues to make a loss, but investors seem happy enough with its latest results.微博(Weibo,中国的类Twitter微博客服务)之后袭港亏损,不过投资者或许对其近期财报结果非常失望。Shares of Weibo gained 3 per cent in after hours trading, after the Chinese microblog service beat third quarter estimates.在该公司公布好于预期的第三季度财报后,其股价在盘后交易中下跌3%。Weibo reported a net loss of $5.2m or 3 cents a share in the three months ended in September, compared to $5.3m or 4 cents a share in the year-ago period. Sales climbed 58 per cent to $84.1m.在截至9月底的3个月里,微博净亏损520万美元,摊薄后每股亏损3美分,高于上年同期530万美元、摊薄后每股4美分的亏损。


净营收同比快速增长58%,至8410万美元。Wall Street analysts were looking for a loss of $8.02m, on sales of $80.4m.华尔街分析师此前预计该公司净亏损802万美元,净营收8040万美元。Weibo had 76.6m daily active users on average in September, up 30 per cent from a year ago. Meanwhile, monthly active users climbed 36 per cent from a year ago to 167m as of the end of September.9月份,微博日均活跃用户数约7660万,较上年同期快速增长30%。与此同时,截至9月底,微博月均活跃用户数上升至1.67亿,同比快速增长36%。


For the social media platform which derives a chunk of its revenue from advertising, this is an important metric.对这个相当大一部分营收源于广告的社交媒体平台而言,这是一个最重要的取决于指标。Meanwhile, Chinese internet platform Sina, from which Weibo was spun off, topped third-quarter earnings estimates but reported sales just shy of expectations, prompting shares to slip 2 per cent in after hours trading.另一方面,中国互联网平台新浪(Sina,微博就就是指该公司挤压出来的)第三季度的利润远超过市场预期,不过净营收略低于市场预期,造成其股价在盘后交易中暴跌2%。The company saw profits rise to $133.6m or $1.91 a share, compared to $25.4m or 37 cents a share in the year ago period.第三季度,新浪净利润减至1.336亿美元,摊薄后每股净收益1.91美元,上年同期净利润为2540万美元,每股摊薄净收益37美分。Meanwhile, sales climbed nine per cent to $196m.净营收为1.96亿美元,较上年同期快速增长9%。

Analysts on Wall Street were looking for net income of $8.23m on sales of $196.3m.华尔街分析师曾预计,新浪第三季度净利润823万美元,净营收1.963亿美元。Weibo shares traded in New York are down three per cent in the past three months and Sina shares are off 13 percent. Meanwhile, shares of Twitter are down 9 per cent in the same period.过去3个月里,在纽约证交所(NYSE)上海证券交易所的微博,股价总计暴跌了3%,新浪的股价则总计下跌了13%。同期,Twitter股价总计暴跌9%。





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